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About the Book:

In Live Your Dreams Out Loud, inspirational speaker Brian Johnson lays out the foundation on the self help and personal growth industry and shows you a 6-Step plan for overcoming your fears and achieving your dreams. Your setbacks and fears of the unknown are about to change so that you can live the life that you were born to live.

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Who Is Live Your Dreams Out Loud For?

If you aspire to call yourself an dreamer, entrepreneur, a conscious creator, thought leader, author, speaker, athlete, change agent, a future interior designer, world traveler, bakery owner, personal trainer future lawyer whoever you dream to be-this book is for you.

Meet the Author

Brian Johnson is quickly becoming one of the most inspirational thought leaders of his generation. Brian is Talent producer in Hollywood and an Amazon #1 best-selling author, host and inspirational speaker.

Brian has overcome his own personal challenges including homelessness and intense depression which almost caused him to take his own life. Brian credits escaping that tragic moment with giving him clarity about his purpose, and as such has dedicated his life to inspiring others to overcome fears to live the life that they deserve. Brian has committed himself to helping others realize their potential.

In 2014 Brian authored “Live Your Dreams Out Loud” to inspire those who are not pursuing their personal dreams and goals. The book quickly became a bestseller on Amazon.

As a host; Brian’s recently wrapped season one of his interview web series called The Dreamer Series. The series was picked up for distribution through multiple platforms including Apple iTunes, Google Watch and Roku.

Brian’s podcast; The Live Your Dreams Out Loud podcast, continues to be a popular download via SoundCloud. Brian inspires his fans daily via his Daily Inspiration videos which have become a fan favorite on social media.

Additionally; Brian was recently tapped by the LA based BLeave Network to host a podcast focused on NBA players called NBA Dreamers.

As a talent producer, he’s worked on Emmy Award winning shows such as Carpool Karaoke on Apple, Bill Nye Saves The World on Netflix and shows for CBS and The Travel Channel.

His rolodex reads like a who’s who in Hollywood. He has worked alongside Eddie Murphy, Betty White, Kanye West, Sean P. Diddy Combs, Pastor Joel Osteen, Tyler Perry, Michael Strahan, Jessica Alba, Will Smith, John Legend,  Ariana Grande, Seth MacFarlane, Trevor Noah, Shakira, Gwyneth Paltrow, Tracee Ellis Ross,  Neil Patrick Harris, Camilla Cabello, Lebron James, Linkin Park, Jeremy Renner, Jon Hamm, and Jamie Foxx.

As a personal coach; Johnson’s clients have included notable Fortune 500 companies and some of the largest nonprofits in the U.S.

As an in-demand speaker, Brian has shared his message in front of executives and entrepreneurs around the country. Brian’s webinars and coaching sessions regularly sell out to students across the globe.

Chapter Contents

Chapter 1: Clarity

Step 1

Clear your mind and focus on your passion and purpose. Identifyingwhat you want from life is the first step to Living Your Dreams Out Loud.

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Chapter 2: Commitment

Step 1

Dig deep and commit to doing whatever is needed to accomplish your goals.

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Chapter 3: Connect

Step 3

Master the art of friends, mentors, and partnering with allies to support your dreams.

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Chapter 4: Competence

Step 4

Develop your talents and skills. Put in the work to be better than average and reap better than average results.

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Chapter 5: Condition

Step 5

Develop the physical strength, emotional resilience, and mental toughness to pursue even the most challenging dreams.

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Chapter 6: Cash flow

Step 6

Plan for financial peaks and valleys to ensure long-term success.

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